The year was 1931 and it was the time of the skyscraper. A group of architects dressed up as their most emblematic buildings. In the image we can see how in their costume they also included the accessory of the hat as a finishing touch to their costume.

It is very common to see how architects complete their buildings with a type of hat. In the image of Gaudi's architecture we can see how he designed several towers with finishes that could be hats of different shapes.

Fashion and architecture have always gone hand in hand, architecture transmits through the combination of materials and fashion transmits through fabrics.

With architecture in houses we feel cocooned inside and with fashion we have a tactile relationship. The hat is the roof of our house, it protects us from what may fall on us.

Currently fashion and architecture merge on the street, where the big clothing brands are in the best location on the street but they hire the best architects and interior designers to develop their spaces. These spaces have to express what the brand wants to convey and that is the work that architects do through materials. Below we can see the design of a hat shop in Tokyo.

Finally, we have also seen how lately the fashion catwalks are made in emblematic architectural buildings that appear in many books.

Although there are times when designers do not want to travel to distant places, therefore when they like a place they commission the scenery from an architect and transfer the place they like to fiction. As is the case of the Chanel show that presented its spring summer 2019 collection at the Grand Palais, using a beach as its scenery. The models wore straw hats and the brand's latest designs.

Architecture is now becoming eco. It goes hand in hand with fashion which has also become eco-friendly by using natural fibers such as lyno, straw, raffia...etc.