Discover the 4 most requested handmade hats of the summer: Protection, fashion and sustainability

Summer has arrived and with it, the season of sun and adventure. Whether you are enjoying your well-deserved vacation or are about to embark on an exciting trip, there is one essential ingredient that cannot be missing from your fashion luggage: handmade summer hats!

In this blog, we invite you to immerse yourself in the charm of these unique accessories, where sustainable fashion and traditional elegance merge in perfect harmony. Join us on this fascinating journey through the season's most popular handmade hats, carefully handcrafted with artisanal straw and dedication. Discover how these iconic hats will not only protect you from the scorching sun, but will also add a touch of timeless style to your outfits.

Get ready to look radiant and conscious this summer, as we explore the beauty and authenticity of artisanal straw hats together!

Pamela Maxi XXL de paja Cebra - ZAHATI

When it comes to protecting your face from the sun and looking stylish during the summer, handmade hats made of natural straw are the perfect choice. In addition to being elegant and timeless accessories, these hats offer a number of benefits for both you and the environment.

  • The natural straw used in the making of the handmade hats is a sustainable, biodegradable and renewable material, which means that you are choosing an option that is friendly to the planet.

  • By choosing handmade hats, you are supporting the work of talented fashion artisans who put their skill and dedication into each creation, thus preserving traditional techniques and promoting the local economy.
  • Not only will you protect your skin from the harmful impact of the sun's rays, but you will also add a distinctive and elegant touch to your fashionable summer style.
  • Plus, natural straw is breathable and lightweight, allowing air to circulate and keeping your head cool in the sun – fashion with benefits!
  • Handmade natural straw hats will not only become your perfect allies to take care of yourself and the environment, but you will dazzle with their charm and authenticity at every moment of the summer.

The coveted handmade summer hats: The perfect fashion accessory for a summer with style and ecological awareness

This season, handmade hats have become the coveted protagonists of our summer outfits in terms of fashion. From classic fedoras and versatile bucket hats, to charming boater hats and sophisticated pamelas, we've carefully selected the season's most desired fashionable handmade hats and paired them with their perfect times and places to wear them.


The fedora is a classic and elegant hat that has endured over the years. Its construction in natural straw makes it perfect for summer. Its features include a deep crown, a medium to wide brim, and a decorative ribbon around the base of the crown. The fedora provides excellent protection from the sun and adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit. This handmade straw hat is a versatile and elegant accessory that adapts to various occasions:

  • Sombrero de paja Fedora ala L natural - ZAHATI
  • sombrero de paja natural BEETLE talla M - ZAHATI
  • Sombrero Beetle ala L color - ZAHATI
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  • You can take it to the beach to protect yourself from the sun while enjoying the sea and sand.
  • Pair it with a retro-style swimsuit and strappy sandals to look fashionable.
  • In addition, the fedora is an ideal option for walking around the city during the summer.
  • Wear it with linen shorts, a light blouse and canvas sneakers for a fresh and sophisticated look.
  • You can also wear it on your trips to the countryside, adding a touch of rustic style to your outfits.
  • Combine it with a printed cotton dress, cowboy boots and a leather backpack for a boho-chic look.

You can also see our handmade Beetles hats, hats very similar to the Fedora but with a longer brim.

Bucket Hats:

Handmade straw bucket hats (also known as fisherman hats ) are perfect for outdoor activities during the summer. Bucket hats are hats with short brims and round crowns. They are very popular in the summer due to their relaxed style and their ability to protect the face and neck from the sun.

  • Take it with you when you go to the beach to protect yourself from the sun while enjoying the waves.
  • Pair it with a one-piece swimsuit and flip flops for a relaxed beach look.
  • You can also wear it on your excursions to the countryside, protecting you from the sun while exploring nature.
  • Wear it with short jeans, an organic cotton t-shirt and hiking shoes for a casual and comfortable look.
  • Dare to incorporate the bucket hat into your urban style: Combine it with distressed jeans, a basic T-shirt and sneakers for a touch of relaxed and modern style.

Boater Hat

The boater hat, also known as a canotier , is a wide, flat-brimmed hat with a decorative ribbon around the crown. Traditionally made from straw, this hat is lightweight and breathable, ideal for summer. An elegant and distinguished hat that is often associated with more formal outdoor events.

  • Canotier Aalto tricolor nude-verde agua - ZAHATI
  • Sombrero paja Canotier Maxi ala - ZAHATI
  • sombrero canotier alto negro y blanco - Zahati
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  • Wear it to a summer garden wedding or outdoor party.
  • Combine it with a long linen or lace dress, heeled sandals and delicate accessories for a feminine and sophisticated look.
  • Additionally, the boater hat is perfect for a day in the countryside or on a boat trip.
  • Combine it with a short jumpsuit made of light fabric, flat sandals and a straw bag for a summery and chic style.


The famous handmade straw hats are synonymous with elegance and style in more formal events. Their designs have wide brims and round crowns, generally made from natural straw. They are elegant and sophisticated, and offer excellent sun protection. The handmade hats stand out for their quality and unique design.

  • Ideal for outdoor weddings, horse races or other social events.
  • Combine a hat with a long, flowing dress in soft colors or floral prints. Add some high heels and statement earrings for a sophisticated and glamorous look.
  • Take it with you to the beach for a day of relaxation in the sun. Pair it with a chic swimsuit, a lightweight kaftan and leather sandals for a stylish beach look.

Pamelas at Zahati we have thousands of options! Very elegant with exceptional designs of XXL Wings

  • Pamela Maxi XXL de paja - ZAHATI
  • Pamela de paja Cuchi Upbrim - ZAHATI
  • Sombrero Cuchi Medusa - ZAHATI
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With this article about the most desired hats of the summer we leave with the certainty that you have found inspiration and knowledge on how to wear these charming handmade straw accessories.

We invite you to explore our wide selection of handmade hats on our website, where you will find a variety of styles, colors and unique details. From elegant fedoras to casual bucket hats, you can discover the hat that suits your personality and every occasion.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in our catalog and create the perfect summer look that will make you stand out with style and ecological awareness.