The magnetism of the hat

When you go to buy a magazine there is always a type of cover that hooks more than others and makes you buy the magazine without thinking about it.

For me those covers are the ones where the models wear a hat. There is a kind of magnetism when a hat appears on a cover, that picture of a model wearing a hat immediately makes you want to buy that magazine because you think the content will be as good as the cover photo.

We could compare that cover magnetism to when we are walking down the street and see either a man or a woman with a hat.

The fact of seeing a person with a hat makes me look at her.

You could see someone every day and not notice their clothes but even if you don't notice their clothes if they wear a hat you will notice the hat for sure.

The hat usually attracts attention wherever you put it. Whether you wear it or put it as a decoration in your house. It is a complement that has an artisan history behind it full of curiosities.

So now you know if you want to be noticed, put on a hat!

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