Why don't you dare to wear a hat every day?

I remember when hats started to become fashionable, I saw them and I liked them. Any store I went to and there were hats I looked at them, I touched them, I tried them on but I never decided. I saw girls wearing hats and I didn't pay attention to whether it looked good or bad on them. I only knew that by the mere fact of wearing a hat they already stood out.

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Pamela trenzada tricolor - ZAHATI

I loved hats, but I couldn't decide to go out with one.

In the end, wearing a hat every day is like wanting to cut your hair in a style that you like, but you don't know if it will look good on you.

You like a haircut and you spend thousands of days thinking about whether or not to cut it in case it doesn't look good on you. In the end you end up getting a haircut, you leave the hairdresser and we always look strange but by the third day you've gotten used to it.

The hat in the end is the same, at first you may look strange but on the third day you won't want to take it off. You will end up becoming the girl with the hat!

Tricolor braided Pamela Cuchi