iconic hats

There are certain hats that are iconic. Iconic because you only recognize the character by the hat he is wearing or because he always wears a hat but of different models.

The hats complement the characters, giving us a clear and meaningful vision of them with which we come to associate a story, an era, a phrase and even the personality of the character.

Here is a video where I explain everything about the blog together with Noelia. In case instead of reading it you prefer to listen to it.

1) Let's start with Slash's Hat (Guns n'Roses guitarist)

Slash says that at the beginning of his career he was always looking for a "handsome" hat to complete his wardrobe: In 1985 he was in Los Angeles and saw a top hat in the window. I went in and tried it on, he liked it and I took it to him. In a vintage store next door he found a belt and put it on his hat. That became "his hat" and that same night he wore it to a concert. It became an essential accessory for him since he felt very comfortable with it. When he went on stage he hid behind his hair and hat because when performing he did not feel comfortable looking into the eyes of the audience.

The hat became his image but he never planned it, he simply felt comfortable because he hid in it.

2) The Cloche hat

It is an iconic headdress if there ever was one, it symbolizes an era of female liberation. It was a simple felt cup sunken up to the eyebrows, which, together with a short skirt and hair cut in the Garçon style, constituted the style of "the new woman" that emerged after The Great War.

The shape of the hat was not very characteristic but what really defined this hat was the way it was placed. It was worn very tightly on the head, so you couldn't wear it if you didn't have short hair. Since the hat was sunken, the hair cut Garçon style was more emphasized.

It was a symbol of the Flappers and an indicator that whoever would wear it had entered a new era in the image they wanted to show to others.

The Pillbox hat was designed as a military hat. Its crowning moment was when Jackie Kennedy wore it in 1961.

The Pillbox hat accentuated his looks, of suits and maxi button coats.

I created an iconic look with the Pillbox hat that was widely imitated by Carla Bruni, Diana of Wales, Kate Middleton...etc.

4) Mary Poppins Sombrero

The Mary Poppins Hat is a blue Canotier hat, with an unironed brim so that it gives the impression that it is flying and that the hat does not remain intact when flying.

The boater hat, umbrella and bag give Mary Poppins character. It wouldn't be the same without its three elements. There is a part in the Mary Poppins movie where Bert, Mary Poppins' companion, draws his shadow on the ground. What would that shadow be without his hat? That is why the hat is iconic in Mary Poppins.

  • The Queen of England's favorite milliner was Philip Somerville. Their favorite hats are those with high crowns. They have been part of her youth since she was little, she cannot imagine going to an event without them.

  • Its collection of hats amounts to 5,200 models. Their key is like James Bond's Vodka Martini, Mr Bean's teddy bear or the English 5 o'clock tea. Each queen's hat represents an occasion. There are occasions that are remembered not by the name of the event but by the hat the Queen wore.

  • For example, at Royal Ascot they make bets, apart from betting on the winning horse, they bet on what hat the queen will wear.

6) Madonna Cowboy Hat

The Cowboy hat became fashionable in the 2000s with Madonna, when she released her album Music. This album was full of cowboy hats. This was when the cowboy hat became fashionable for daily use.

7) Coco Chanel Hat

Coco Chanel's Canotier was very characteristic of her apart from her black dresses and her pearls.

  • The Fedora hat is part of the cinematic history of Indiana Jones who did not hesitate to risk his life to recover it.

  • In the first 3 films the hat was purchased in the English market and in the fourth it was purchased in Seville.

9) Audrey Hepburn, My fair Lady hat

This hat was designed by Cecil Beaton for Audrey Hepburn in the movie "My Fair Lady." There was a scene from the Ascot Races in London and he designed Audrey's dress and hat. All in the Edwardian style that predominated at that time, like in Titanic or Downton Abbey.

This is a tour of iconic hats!