Social Commitment


We are Zahati, we design, manufacture and distribute natural fiber accessories and hats. Our mission is to keep alive the traditional crafts made by hand in Spain. Making known its materialization made unit by unit with various natural fibers.


Committed to the environment

Our products are characterized by being made of natural materials adding a touch of color creating expressive and elegant hats. At Zahati we are passionate about products made from natural materials and at the same time we are color lovers, which is why we use it in different ways in each piece of hat we design. All our materials are sustainable. We only use natural fibers. The materials used do not come from any animal.

100% made in Spain

At Zahati we are committed to 100% Spanish manufacturing. All the materials used in our production are made in our country and our workshops are located in Gata de Gorgos. A town located in the province of Alicante. Our production is entirely handmade. Our main commitment is to give our customers unique and timeless hats capable of withstanding the use and passage of time.

social commitment

We are based on responsible production and in our workshop the working conditions are optimal for the workers.