Hat design and manufacturing process

1. Design

In our design process, tradition, sustainability, architecture, nature and the raw materials that exist in our environment come into play.

2. Braided natural fiber

In our handmade process we work with natural fibers. Before making the hat or accessory, the natural fiber must be braided. This process is done by hand in a very meticulous way.

3. Machine making of the hat/accessory.

Once the vegetable fiber is ready, we proceed to sew the hat/accessory by machine. Many times only with the machine we cannot sew the entire piece and it must be done by hand.

4. Ironing the hat

In the case of hats, once the piece is made with the sewing machine, they are ironed over heat. For this we use a metal mold to give them the shape in the glass.

5. Hat / final complement

Picking up the final piece to wrap it in the hatbox and send the newly made product.