Who is behind Zahati?

Josefa, our hat maker from the workshop. Almost all the products pass through their hands.
Yolanda, our other workshop teacher. Also almost every product has a part of it.
Susana, the teacher in charge of the workshop. The hat teachers' daughter is in charge of supervising the workshop. Also all items pass through his hands.
Josebel, daughter of the master hatters. He is in charge of quality control. Sew the wooden Zahati logo to all the hats and check that everything is perfect.
And finally this is me, Sandra. If you write to me, I am always the one who answers you, many of you already know me. Basically I take care of a little bit of everything. From designing, producing, photographing to uploading everything to the web.
It does not mean that I do everything, just that I am the youngest and as they say "you are the one who knows the most about everything about technology!"