How to wear a wide-brimmed hat

Wide-brimmed hats are currently favorites because they flatter the silhouette when wearing them. The roots of wide-brimmed hats are timeless, they have taken many forms and have flattered many different looks. Nowadays anything goes with hat brim as there are so many different sized brims and so many crown types, you can find a size to match almost any sense of seasonal and outfit style.

For fall and winter, fedoras are great for keeping warm and getting rid of the weather. But to stay cool, straw is best. Braided wheat straw hats are best for keeping your head cool. Black is a classic color but there is also olive green, cognac, gray and even white. You will have to try on several styles of hats to see what size and silhouette works for you. It is possible that the wide brim is not what you see most but one thing is clear that until trends change, the maxi-pamela is in fashion.