Welcome to ZAHATI

A brand with more than 100 years of history in the production of handmade hats and accessories. We pride ourselves on maintaining the tradition and craftsmanship that have led us to be recognized as a reference brand in the market.

"The story of the hat master who wove on the top of a hat crown"

  • We feel special because of the value we give to manual and true Made in Spain work. We strive to recover the craftsmanship that was part of our brand's history, giving it a modern twist and adapting it to current times. We know that the value of our products lies not only in their design and quality, but also in the history behind them.

  • Each Zahati product is unique, since its creation process is completely handmade by our expert artisans, using ancestral techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. This allows us to offer an authentic product with soul, in which you can appreciate the love and dedication that we put into each piece.

  • Just as we are committed to offering high-quality products, we are also committed to caring for the environment and the working conditions of our workers. All our materials are carefully selected to minimize environmental impact, and we work in a fair and equitable environment.


In short, Zahati is a brand that goes beyond fashion and trends. It is a brand that represents tradition, craftsmanship and historical, artisan and artistic values ​​that have led us to be what we are today.

Zahati: where tradition and quality come together

The team behind each of our handmade pieces

  • Josefa , our hat maker from the workshop. Almost all the products pass through their hands. Having close people who know basketry is key in the chain of creation of our pieces.

  • Yolanda , our other workshop teacher, like the others, is a very important part of our team. Each handmade piece of ZAHATI has a part of it, making each one a unique and original product.

  • Susana , the teacher in charge of the workshop. The daughter of master hatters, she supervises each step. Thanks to artisans like her, we maintain the tradition and tell our story in an authentic way.

  • Josebel , daughter of master hatters. He is in charge of quality control. He gives the final touch to each of our pieces by sewing the wooden Zahati logo. There is no detail that escapes us in Zahati.

  • Sandra , I am in charge of designing, producing, photographing and uploading everything to the web. It does not mean that I do everything, just that I am the youngest and as they say "you are the one who knows the most about everything about technology!"

Our processes

sustainable and natural design

Our designs are a fusion of tradition, architecture and nature, using local and sustainable raw materials.

meticulous braiding

We carefully braid natural fibers by hand to create our handmade hats and accessories.

expert tailoring

Our pieces are made by machine and by hand to achieve a perfect finish.

ironing with metal mold

To shape the hats, we iron them with a metal mold over heat.

Tradition and quality in your hands

Each piece is picked, wrapped and shipped to ensure that it reaches your hands freshly crafted and of high quality.