Building-Inspired Hats

Zaha Hadid was an architect from Baghdad whose buildings stood out for their innovation and dynamism. He also designed furniture and footwear and everything in the same line as his architecture.

In 2013, Zaha Hadid and her studio designed an 11-story residential building in the Chelsea neighborhood on the high line of New York. The High Line is a greenway that was built in New York on top of an old train track. The work on Zaha Hadid's residential building finished in 2018. When it was finished, a party was held on the High Line to raise funds to maintain this greenway. The title of the party was “high line hat party” which would be “fiesta del hat en la via alta”. The dress code for the party was “clothing optional, hats required.”

The people invited to attend the event were the neighbors who lived in that area.

Zaha Hadid's studio came and wore the 3D printed H-Line hat. It was the most striking of the night since apart from the design it was the most technological and one of the only ones that had used a 3D printer.

The hat's design represents the wavy, interlocking chevrons of the building's façade.

This luxury condo is the only project attributed to Zaha Hadid's studio. The complex patterns and fabrics that Zaha Hadid had accustomed us to in her work are perfectly represented in the form of a hat.

The curvature of the hat recreates the same geometric shape as in the residential building. It arches dramatically and emerges a Klein blue at the edge.

At the high line party there were other hats but none as inspiring as Zaha Hadid's.

The hats are architecture and they are all based on geometries. Depending on the materials used, some designs or others can be made.

Natural straw hat designs can also be quite dynamic since the straw can be molded well.

But to wear this type of hat you have to be daring or have an event in which we are invited/forced to wear it like the High Line Party.

Below I leave some more photographs of the people who attended the party and the models of hats they wore. Some wanted to camouflage themselves with nature and decided to make their hats from the same plants on the High Line and they looked spectacular like that.

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